About Us

I started my brand LCM Designs back in 2015.  My main thing was sewing at the time.  I saw a lady with a skirt that I liked and I knew I could make it. It looked easy enough.  With a little time and wasting a lot of fabric, I was about to wear one of my designs.  It caught on, and I started sewing for others.  Digging deeper into making things for people, Facebook and YouTube became my go to for information, tutorials and inspiration.  I then started seeing people designing t-shirts.  I added matching shirts to some of my skirts and the rest is history.

I love the crafting business and all that it brings.  I know do tumblers, luggage bags, backpacks, umbrella, coffee/tea mugs, earrings, you name it.  I'm excited to continue to learn more and help others bring their ideas to life.